ULIM University

Free International University of Moldova(ULIM) is situated in the center of the capital of the Republic of Moldova – Chisinau city. Conceived as an alternative university, Free International University of Moldova is a self-financed and self-administrated institution. It was founded on 16 October 1992 by government decision and is accredited by the National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation of the Republic of Moldova. ULIM is a medium-size international university with about 6000 students, including foreign ones coming from various countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Middle East countries, etc. The Free International University of Moldova is a leading academic center and a significant point of reference in society, and it adheres to the principles of academic integrity and critical thinking. The University is one of the leading higher education institutions in the Republic of Moldova and South-East Europe by actively contributing through research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge. The University is an important academic institution part of a global intellectual community working towards protecting and reinforcing academic values, as well as towards promoting diversity and international collaboration.

The university’s educational offer consists of 42 undergraduate programs of study, 60 graduate programs of study, and 11 doctoral programs in various fields of study. The university’s strategic goal is to continue meeting the needs of its students and providing innovative high-quality academic programs that can respond in a timely manner to societal issues and problems. University constantly collaborates with more than 100 prestigious universities from 40 different countries. The degrees granted by the Free International University of Moldova are recognized in most countries in the world. The university has developed joint programs, research projects, and summer schools in cooperation with well-known universities from Europe, Russia, the USA, China, Korea, etc.

The Free International University of Moldova is a full member of important international university networks like EUA; IAU; AUF; IAUP and GUNI. Our university is a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum as well. ULIM hosts several cultural and language centers as the Chinese Confucius Institute; Korean Se Jong; Spanish Center Cervantes; British Center and others.

The University’s graduates and alumni effectively contribute to public agenda-setting and decision-making processes, and to international research in all academic fields as well. Many of our graduates have become public figures and can be encountered as professors and researchers in famous universities around the world.

Member of International Organizations

  • European Universities Association (EUA)
  • University Agency of Franco phony (AUF)
  • International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • International Association of Rectors (IAUP) etc.

The host of Representations and International Centres

  • Antenna of University Agency of Franco phony (AUF)
  • Academic Success Centre (CRU)
  • Information Centre of European Union Information and Documentation Centre on NATO UN
  • Information Centre of Chinese Language and Culture (Confucius Institute)
  • Centre of South Korea Language and Culture (Se Jong)
  • British Centre etc.

 Partnerships with: – More than 30 Embassies accredited in the Republic of Moldova, on the basis of which the university project ”National Aulas” was launched (http://cci.ulim.md/galerie-internationala/); – More than 100 universities from the world; – More than 100 enterprises, companies, administrative authorities


  • Reading Rooms,
  • Digital Library,
  • Access to World Digital Libraries;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Sports Complex with Different Offers;
  • University Hostel and Hotel;
  • Butteries and University Restaurant;


  • Moderate Tuition with Instalments Payment;
  • Merit Scholarships from ULIM’s budget for students with learning remarkable success;
  • Free studies for students with special abilities, confirmed by diplomas and medals gained at national and international competitions; performing sportsmen;
  • Free studies for socially vulnerable students with special merits confirmed by diplomas;
  • Courses of studying modern European and Asian languages (especially English, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Arabian, Turkish, etc.).


  • Foreign Notorious Professors;
  • Optional Study with the Award of the Certificate:
  • ✓ Psycho-pedagogical Module;
  • ✓ European and Asian Foreign Languages;
  • ✓ Information Technologies;
  • ✓ Other Disciplines at Request.
  • Academic Mobility and Practice Probations abroad on the basis of collaboration agreements with foreign universities and on the basis of Erasmus+, AUF, Fulbright, UGRAD, DAAD Programs, etc.
  • Academic Mobility and Practice Probations Granted by the Governments of the People’s Republic of China, the Korean Republic, Polish Republic, Republic of Hungary, etc.
  • Cooperation with International Organizations as NATO, OSCE, UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, IMF, WTO, IOM, EUBAM, Council of Europe, Latin Union, Romanian Cultural Institute, NORLAM, AEGEE, DAAD, etc.
  • Computers and Modern Didactic Equipment;
  • Summer Schools.

    It will be enclosed to the registration application for admission the following:
  • Document of education with its enclosure (original + copy);
  • Copy of the Identity Card or Passport;
  • Medical-type Certificate (form 086-e);
  • 6 Photos with the Dimension 3×4 cm;