Eligibility Criteria


  1. Holders of a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent certificate of studies, recognized by the structure authorized for the recognition and equivalence of study documents and qualifications, can participate in the admission contest in the second cycle of master’s higher studies.
  2. Foreign nationals and stateless persons, who hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent act of higher education, based on interstate agreements, as well as individual study contracts, may be admitted to master’s studies.
  3. Candidates have the right to enter the competition for admission simultaneously to several master’s programs in various general fields of study from the offer of master’s degree programs, but will be enrolled in a single program.
  4. In the case of enrollment in the second cycle of higher education in a study program different from the field of vocational training completed in the first cycle of higher education, candidates will accumulate 30 study credits transferable to the basic and specialized disciplines related to the study program for which opt, which is the minimum required curriculum, which is mandatory included in the content of the curricula of the master’s degree programs.

    Required Documents

    The file of the candidate for studies will include the following documents:
    a)The study certificate with the respective annex (original + copy);
    b)Copy of the identity card;
    c)4 photos with the size 3 × 4 cm.