About Moldova

Prior to making a choice to Study BBA in Moldova, you should know all about this tiny but fascinating country, where you will be spending your prime life in pursuing your BBA degree.

The Federal Republic of Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and is a landlocked country between Romania and Ukraine with a landmass with an area of 34000 sq.kms and a population of 4 million people. The Dniester and Prut are the two main rivers in the country and cover the most important part of the country.

Moldova follows a parliamentary republic system. All government offices operate under and follow the guidelines and standards of the European Union. The Official languages are Romanian & Russian.

Capital: CHISINAU: It has several architectural and historical monuments. It is a metropolis of ethnicity, where someone can find something for his soul. Appealing history, culture, and nature of Moldova can be found in many museums. Situated at the crossroad of many cultures, this capital city has always been characterized by the huge number of art styles, restaurants and bars proffer Ghar “jaisa khana” simultaneously with foreign cuisines such as Indian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

Currency: Moldovan Leu
Time zone: UTC – 2hrs
The main language of study: Romanian. It also shares strong cultural and historic ties with Romania.
The second language of study: English, Russian
The education system: comprised of kindergarten, primary, secondary schools that teach up to 12th standard. Thereafter, there are institutions and Universities that provide higher education.

Places to visit:
Moldova is among the most spectacular countries in Europe which hold gorgeous wild highland pastures, as well as hefty alpine lakes dotting a landscape categorized by charming villages. The cities of Moldova are planned with some contemporary edifices and a diverse population. Pushkin Park and the orange pyramid at the World War II commemoration are two must-visit places. There are lots of casinos, spa centers and parks to visit in Moldova.

Moldova’s weather is moderately continental: the summers are comfortably warm and long, with temperatures around 20°C. On the other hand, the winters are comparatively dry, with temperatures averaging -4°C in January. Annual rainfall ranges from around 600 millimeters in the north to 400 millimeters in the south. Long dry spells are common. The heaviest rain occurs in the early summer season and again in October.

Moldova is waiting in the wings for getting a membership in the European Union, and despite this, it takes an active part in the European integration, which has positive effects on the educational services. Here is a total of 18 universities in Moldova. Most ranked universities are in Chisinau (the capital city), Taraclia, Balti, Comrat, and Cahu can accept not only local citizens but Indian students too. As a matter of fact, around 450 Indian students are pursuing MBBS, 45 students Post graduation in Dentistry and 35 students are studying for undergraduate courses in International Economics & Business Administration.