Eligibility Criteria

The studies are performed in the following specialties: “Information Security”, “Informatics”. All specialties are highly demanded in the labor market in the country and abroad.

The duration of studies is 3 years (day section) in the specialty “Informatics” and 4 years (day section) or 5 years (part-time section) in other specialties. The studies for the mentioned specialties are carried out according to a framework plan, connected to the European standards.

The term of study within the bachelor’s cycle is:

  • 3 years in Computer Science;
  • 4 years in the specialties of Information Technologies.

    The registration of the candidates for the competition is done based on the application.

The application for registration is accompanied by:

  • The studies certificate, in original with the respective annex
  • 6 photos with a size of 3 × 4 cm;
  • Copy of identity card;
  • Standard medical certificate (no. 086-U)